Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Life since the move from Washington to Oregon:
Aug. 16: moved into the grandparents' basement
Aug. 21-24: coast trip with the Louvier fam in Grayland, WA
Aug. 30-Sep. 1: Labor day weekend in Ellensburg watching the rodeo!

I still do not have a job, but am praying for God's patience and guidance. Caleb has been working for his dad doing construction on our church. He has to take the GRE's by the end of this month and will start applying to grad schools by November. Life is stressful, crazy and we never know what the next day will bring. Who knows where we'll live in a few months or if we'll be able to afford anywhere to live. Life right after college is not an easy one...especially when graduate school is looming ahead...