Friday, October 10, 2008

October Already?

Crazy how time has flown on by since Caleb and I moved up to WA. Although, since I started my new job with Adventure Boot Camp (outdoor fitness for women), time seems to be slinking along at snail's pace...maybe it's the cold weather?

We have a couple things to be thankful about. One, I have a job (as mentioned above)! It's a draining job and one I have to take home with me and I'm not getting paid much right now, but I LOVE working with women. Second, Caleb took the GRE and is now starting the application process for grad school! Yay! Third, we have a roof over our heads for free...Caleb's grandparents and parents must be angels. Fourth, we SOMEHOW paid off our cruise expenses (with the generous help of our wonderful family...everyone must be angels in our families!) and we're leaving in less than 2 months for a 8 day vacation! SO ready for that! Fifth....we're still married and love each other more than ever! :)

Other things we have been up to since we moved up: Wed nights we will be involved in a young married couples small group, Thurs nights we are youth group leaders (they call us sponsors) for 4th-6th graders. Sundays I co-teach kindergarteners during 2nd service. Life is too short not to experience these things at least once in your life.

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