Thursday, June 10, 2010

I just deleted a ton of pictures I was going to use for this post...I searched for hours for the PERFECT pix, but I then realized that there were WAY too many! So, instead of posting ALL of those pix of the past 2 years how about I explain what has happend!

August: We moved up to Seatac and moved in with Caleb's grandparents

September: I started my first training job as a ladies outdoor fitness instructor!

October: My nephew's 1st birthday! It was a farm themed celebration! No pix of the birthday but look at this progression over the last couple years of the little buddy (Luke):

November: Ran my first 5k, The Turkey Trot! Go here to look at my race pix:

December: First cruise for Caleb, 3rd for me! (can't find my pix but there are some on facebook!)

January: Can't think of anything exciting, other than the introduction of 2009!

February: My oldest niece Baylee turned 2! Theme was Elmo/Sesame Street but again no pictures...but here are some cute ones of her! (the first pic is Luke and Baylee with Auntie steph and Uncle Caleb, Christmas 2007)

March: Caleb turned 23...and got accepted to both grad schools he applied for: UW and UPS (He chose UPS)

April: I started working for 24 hour fitness as a personal trainer.

May: Got to see my friend Ashlie for her birthday! We went to a Mariner's game! Unfortunately I can't find my pix.

June: Not sure what happened this month...

July: I turned 23! I didn't feel well most of the day...go figure...but a group of friends and family took me out to BJ's for dinner! I love that restaurant! Here's a pic of me after work enjoying gifts sent from mom!

Also in July we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary in Seattle! We went to Pike's Place and the Melting Pot...Yum!

August: Allie Rae was born! She had Uncle Caleb wrapped around her little finger from the moment he laid eyes on her. These pictures were taken in February 2010.

September: Nick's 28th bday...wasn't there to celebrate with him though :o(

October: Nephew Luke turns 2! Theme was Cars...he was adorable! I wish I had pictures of the party.

November: Happy Thanksgiving! No Turkey Trot this year...actually I had to work! 24 hour Fitness is open EVERY day of the year except Christmas Day...great for those who like to workout 364 days of the year, not-so-great for those who don't want to work on major holidays.

December: Mom got married in Portland! I got to witness it along with Sophie and Blake (Troy's kids) and a few other family memebers. Then Caleb and I celebrated Christmas in California with my sister and her family, Dad and Nick! Pictures are of the wedding day!

January: Yay for 2010!

February: Baylee turns 3! Themed birthday was Ariel/Little Mermaid.
Baylee Joy the Pretty Princess and Allie Rae the Sleeping Beauty:

March: Caleb turned 24! Lots of family met up with us at Red Robin to celebrate and surprise him with the gift of money to get a PS3 (which he is currently playing as I type this!)

Also in March, my nephew Levi was born:

April: We surprised my sister-in-law for her birthday by making her a big scrapbook full of pictures and letters from friends and fam!!

May: We went cruisin' with Carnival! Caleb's 2nd and my 4th! There are lots of pictures on facebook!

Whew...that was way too much. I have decided that with each post I am going to share a fitness idea and a craft idea...okay maybe not with EVERY post, but I will do my best!

Fitness idea #1: STRETCH! If you do not have a regular stretching routine, make one. If you do not have a foam roller, purchase one! If you do not know how to use one, ask someone who does or go online and look how to use it! It's important to stay limber to avoid injury!!

Craft Idea #1: Make a diaper cake...there are plenty of babies being born! This is a great gift can get pricey so maybe go in on the items with a few people. Here is one I made for a shower:

Made of NB diapers, receiving blankets, monkey with velcro hands, baby soaps/lotions (inside the cake too), bath cloths (to make the flowers in the front), wooden letters (for the name), and pins to hold it all together!

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