Friday, June 11, 2010

There's always more...

So I may be going a bit overboard with this blog ordeal! Yikes! Well, I realized I have not updated anything about this month, June...

I went to a fun Mariner's game with my friend Kristin and a friend of hers. Kristin has some connections so we had SWEET seats in the 100 level! Even though the good 'ole Mariners lost, we still had a blast!

Favorite player:

Sweet view:

Great company!

We also had a couple fun days with our nieces!

New golfer of the family:

Walking before we know it!

Next scrapbooker of the fam:

Nilla enjoys craft time too!

Oh...and extremely important news...I am now a GOLD STAR MEMBER with Starbucks...oh geez. Just what I need: more incentive to blow money on expensive caffeinated beverages!

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Rachel Ortiz said...

Oh my goodness Steph, I just recently found out about the benefits of a starbucks card! I am sooo excited! I was logging on to blog about it and saw your blog, I love it!